Movie Night! "Leveling Lincoln" Saturday July 2nd, 7 PM

Movie Night! 7PM on July 02nd, 2022

On Saturday Night, July 2nd, 2022, starting at 7PM, we are screening Leveling Lincoln as a part of our Juneteenth Jubilee celebration. The grounds of Lincoln Park once held Lincoln Elementary School which was shut down by the court for being a racially segregated school. This was done as opposed to desegregating or equitably resourcing the school, and was a loss to our community. Join us to learn the history of our community as we celebrate our freedom from bondage and learn why the fight for equity continues.

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There are so many social issues to address. The black wealth crisis is the most unaddressed social issue in America, even among those fighting racism. We leverage skilling, entrepreneurship and ownership to increase wealth generating activities. A lack of wealth is the root cause of so many racial issues. We are excited to show the world how increasing black wealth improves black life!

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