New Rochelle Street Fair 2021

Look for Urban Legacy!

For the 2021 New Rochelle Street Fair, Urban Legacy will have four tents throughout the Event. Our booths will feature several black owned businesses, emerging technology, and other elements related to Urban Legacy’s mission to build black wealth! If you enjoy what you see, there will be several opportunities to support or participate in our nonprofit work. We’re excited to see you there!

 We will have links to participation up in the coming days. In the meantime, please email!

Play Our Raffles!

Have you ever wanted a Virtual Reality headset to see what the fuss is about? Have you ever wanted a 4K Flat Screen 55-inch Television?! How about a private session with a Professional Chef?! Sign up for Urban Legacy’s fundraising raffle for a chance to win these prizes! All of the proceeds will go towards Urban Legacy programming and towards supporting events like New Rochelle’s Street Fair!

Early Access! Buy a Raffle Ticket for a Personal Chef Dinner!

This is an opportunity to have a personal chef prepare your meal to your specifications, for up to four people! Chef Giovanni has some of the most delicious food we’ve taste, from slow roasted delights to vegan delicacies.

Chef Giovanni was gracious enough to donate meals to our Raspberry Pi microcomputer training summer camp. For two days we had the most delicious personal meals, “made with Love!”

Check out some of the meals he’s prepared here on his Instagram page and preview his prepared menu on their website. Don’t be afraid to as for a custom meal specified just for you!

Sponsor a Trainee!

Over our 2021-2022 calendar, Urban Legacy is going to host several types of training programs serving youth and young adults who want marketable skills. The best way to support our community is to directly aid our next generation as they work to become professionals.

Program Silent Auction

To increase the scale of wealth building programs, Urban Legacy is offering everyone an opportunity to sponsor an entire program! You can choose to stay anonymous or add any individual or business name to “Program by: __________” to build your legacy of community support!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What Have We Done?!

In an age of so many nonprofits and so little progress, Urban Legacy keeps a sharp focus on replacing rhetoric with reality. We will perpetually release new programs in various industries as we build our network of participants. We are excited to build black wealth by facilitating wealth generating programs and activities. 

Click on this page to see some of the work we’ve done!

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