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Our mission is to build black wealth!

The Winter is Coming!

For Fall/Winter 2021, Urban Legacy will host a plethora of events to help our community build black wealth.

Our interview series will return with influential guests who have power in government, industry and academia. We will discuss technical training, growing startups, acquiring property and building black wealth overall!

We are building an ecosystem combining black professionals with allies of all colors. All races, ethnicities and tribes must come together and exclusively transact with each other so we can all grow together.

We are also launching a series of programs to increase the prevalence of technical skills in our communities. Courses will train black people in culinary arts, beauty, tech, visual arts, engineering and more. Most important, they will explain how to bring those skills directly to market!

If you are interested in what Urban Legacy will offer in the coming months, please reach out to us! 

In solidarity,

Shane Osinloye
President of Urban Legacy

Our Mission

To Build Black Wealth!

There are so many social issues to address. The black wealth crisis is the most unaddressed social issue in America, even among those fighting racism.

We leverage skilling, entrepreneurship and ownership to increase wealth generating activities. A lack of wealth is the root cause of so many racial issues. We are excited to see how increasing black wealth improves black life.

What Next?

Contact us at info@urbanlegacy.org so we can add you to our mailing list. For Fall/Winter 2021, we will release a number of online and in-person events, training courses and projects. If you are interested in participating in these, supporting them, or promoting them, we will gladly accept your assistants in every way.

In August of 2021, we received our 501C3 status from the Internal Revenue Service. This puts us in position to create a number of programs, scale them to serve larger populations, and build an ecosystem of partners who benefit from increasing black wealth. We’re excited to have you join us on our journey to overcome racism and build black wealth.

Scrolling down this page and watching some of our events will give you an excellent idea of who we are and how we think. While we prepare our nonprofit to scale with 501C3 status and build our website to further reflect our work, please scroll down and watch a few of our videos. Our YouTube page will help you understand who we are, what we do and how we think. Thank you for your interest in Urban Legacy!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What We Have Done!

What Have We Done?!

There are so many nonprofits and so little progress! Urban Legacy works to replace rhetoric with reality. We perpetually release new programs in various industries and build networks of participants. We are excited to build black wealth through wealth generating programs.

Click on this page to see some of the work we’ve done!

Black Girls Do Tech! (Our First Program)

A 5-Day Black Girls Only Web Design Camp
By STEM Alliance of Larchmont – Mamaroneck & Urban Legacy Foundation. 

Thank you to all of our participants for joining Black Girls Do Tech! Thank you as well the parents, sponsors and volunteers! Black girls success is a community effort. We already have some participants building their own businesses.

Check out these videos for some of the incredible feedback we were graced with by trainees! 

Check Out Our 2021 Talk Series

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