Alliances & Partnerships

Economic Ecosystems

Partnerships create ecosystems of likeminded populations who can exchange goods, services, information and emotional support! For its inception, Urban Legacy has leveraged strong partnerships to boost our initial effectiveness. We are always looking for new allies and we welcome you to reach out to converse about where our organizations can find intersections!

The STEM Alliance

The STEM Alliance of Larchmont-Mamaroneck (SALM) were our first official partners and the first organization that believed in us! In the summer of 2020, we co-branded their Girls Do Tech program, teaching 5th through 9th grade black girls how to build websites using Wix. After the program, 25% of the girls reported that they started their own websites selling the small goods their peers were interested in. 

The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math contain a collection of constantly evolving industries and with partnerships with entities like SALM, we will introduce the black community to high paying roles with perpetually increasing demand. The STEM Alliance is an excellent example of how culturally responsive learning can be merged with technical training. We are working hard to emulate their success!

Edgemont Robotics

The Edgemont Robotics team is an enterprising collection of high school juniors and seniors with a strong sense of social responsibility. We partnered in early summer 2021 and within weeks they developed an engaging and effective program teaching their younger peers programming and robotics. Together we held a pilot summer camp training black 7th through 10th graders how to put together Raspberry Pi microcomputers using Linux, Python and command line. 

With such an excellent first run, we plan to run future programming with Edgemont Robotics and are helping them convert their team into a fully operational nonprofit organization. The future belongs to technologists, and teaching programming languages and circuitry to black youth is the first step to ensuring those youth are not purely consumers in the emerging digital economy.

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