2022 Calendar

February 2022

Black History Month!

Brunch, Art & Go!

Urban Legacy is hosting an art gallery featuring exceptional black artists while offering brunch to go from Melba’s. To be COVID safe, we’re organizing a take out gallery for you to explore the work of black artists as you pick up your favorite Melba’s dishes! Please, come out an support our first event promoting black artisanship! Click here to RSVP for the address!

Join Now! Squad Goals

Social Media Camp.

To kick of the year with growing in our communities, Urban Legacy partnered with the Yonkers YMCA to provide a social media camp to black teens and young adults. Black influencers are the highest paid social media influencers, but still face exclusion on some platforms. We are introducing our youth to influencers and exploring this emerging career path while building channels.

St. John’s U-Talk #2 Featuring Kirrick Wise of Kool For Life.

In honor of Black History Month, we are hosting a round table talk with three black entrepreneurs. Our goal is to have an honest conversation about the process of amassing wealth, building businesses from scratch and working together for a better future for our people. Please join us for our talk as we exchange the specific actions we need to take to build wealth together.


Women’s History Month

St. John’s U-Talk #3 Featuring Dr. Traci Gardner & Francilia Wilkins-Rahim of RFW Consultants.

On March 9th, in honor of Women’s History Month, three black women founders are hosting a women focused round table talk. Led by our Communications Director, Asia Lyn-Cook, we will discuss how to overcome gatekeepers and barriers to entry faced by women and how to navigate balancing race and gender in an age of societal volatility.

Save the Date! BeauTea Expo. March 19th.

Join the ladies of Urban Legacy for a tea party featuring a plethora of Black Women Owned Businesses along with our allies!



June 2022

Juneteenth Jubilee!

Urban Legacy is celebrating this national holiday honoring our emancipation from slavery by hosting a jubilee! We are inviting black artists to decorate our space, black performers to entertain our guests, and black culinary artists to bring us nutritious soul food. To advance our mission to build black wealth for economic independence, we are inviting black entrepreneurs and black allies to open pop-up shops to sell their wares. Please join us as we celebrate black freedom!

Contact us at info@urbanlegacy.org to host a booth, if you are:

  • A black business owner
  • An ally who believes in black economic empowerment


Independence Day




Thanksgiving & Black Friday


Christmas & New Years

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